Spare part service
General terms of business


General terms of business (as at 09-25-2001)
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Order Acceptance:

Dates for service and spare parts supplies are only considered as accepted if they are confirmed from us in written form (order confirmation) up to then our quotations are considered as not binding.

Liability, Guarantee:

Label-Tech GmbH is only liable for actually executed work on the machines, machine assemblies and lines. They are not responsible for damages (including defects arising from faults), no matter of which legal justification.
This non-liability does not apply for claims from the client for replacement of damages which are based on rough faults (intention/negligence) or because of missing of assured features, if the assurance especially should prevent such damages. Label -Tech GmbH is also not liable for damages that have been caused by using spare parts which are not supplied from us or the machine manufacturer.

Supply Prevention:

Operational disturbances of all kinds, events of higher force, work strikes, lockout at us or our suppliers, likewise all other causes or events which prevent production or dispatch, release us from the keeping of agreed obligations, during the entire duration, including the consequences and entitle us, if the circumstances require it to cancel the obligations of delivery partially or completely, without the buyer being entitled to withdraw the contract.


Reservation of Property:

Label-Tech GmbH reserves itself the right of ownership on the object of contract up to the receipt of all payments. With spare parts supplies the company reserves itself the right of ownership up to the complete payment of the agreed price.

Documents, Business Papers:

At cost estimates, drawings, quotations, invoices and other business documents Label-Tech GmbH reserves itself the right of ownership and copyright. They may not be made accessible to third persons.


The dispatch takes place starting from company headquarters. With the transfer of the spare parts consignment to the carrier, at the latest however when leaving the company area, the client takes the risk. The selection of the route of transportation and the means of transport takes place for lack of special instruction according to best estimation without any liability for lowest and fastest shipping. We are not obligated to place a transport insurance.


Prices and Payment:

The agreed prices are valid from the company headquarters. The transportation costs including packing carries the customer. To the agreed price the legal value tax which is valid at the time of the supply and /or execution of service is added. The amounts have to be paid right after the receipt of the invoice, without deduction or according to separate agreed terms of payment.

Other/further agreement:

The signed service reports are the basis for the invoicing. Therefore the confirmation by the client or an authorized person is absolutely necessary. In all other respects the general terms of business which are usual in the trade and industry apply .
The managing business conditions are considered as accepted if Label-Tech GmbH receives a written order.




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